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The loss of us map users and the transformation of tool products to platform

Original title: the loss of users in the US map, and how to change the tool products to platform? "Restless" seems to be the impression left by Mei Tai on everyone, from 200

"Restlessness" seems to be the impression left by us for all people. Since its establishment in October 2008, Mito has also entered its tenth year. Since Meitu Xiu Xiu and other tool products, Mito has been doing product research and development and commercial exploration of these two things.

On the 26 th of March, it released its annual performance report for 2017. The report showed that the company achieved 4 billion 527 million 500 thousand yuan in 2017, up 186.8% from the same year, with a net loss of 197 million 300 thousand yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 97%, and a net loss of 45 million 950 thousand yuan, down 91.5% from the same year.

The net loss was narrowed, indicating that the "uneasy" map did perform well in its commercialization process, but at the same time, the report also showed that the company had 416 million active users in 2017, a 7.6% decrease over the same period.

There is no doubt that the emergence of traffic loss is, to a certain extent, a kind of injury to the commercial exploration that has just begun to improve. So what is the root cause of this problem? What is the most urgent task for us now?

Luo Zhenyu, a well-known media man, mentioned the concept of "national total time" in his "inter Year speech" this year. He believes that time will become the ultimate battleground of Commerce. Time is absolutely rigid and constrained resources.

Indeed, the competition in the mobile Internet age is, in the final analysis, a competition for "people" and a competition for traffic. However, human time is bound to be limited, which determines that one of the attributes used by each person APP is also limited, and how to win more user time has become the focus of each platform competition.

For us, its main attributes are more tools. Around the theme of "beauty", Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera, tide self, beauty camera, beauty pat and other Internet tools have been created to lead the culture of beauty and self timer. And the loss of this user is actually a normal result, and this part of the loss of users, in a sense, is actually lost in the process of competing for the user's time.

We can be sure that the defeat of the US map is definitely not another company with the same beauty as the theme of beauty, beauty and so on, and it is likely to be a short video platform like shaking, quick hand, and volcano.

After the 2013 mobile Internet climax, the APP application market ushered in an unprecedented Red Sea. Even now, gold glitter phone skin there are still countless APP pouring in. Obviously, the mobile Internet market is huge. The reason why these opportunities can continue to emerge is the constant change of users' habits.

As long as users can bring value, the Internet rule that can create commercial value is still applicable.

On the surface, it is not the same as the functional attributes of the tremor, the fast hand and the volcanoes. It is a completely different type of content product, and it seems that it will not produce competition. But in fact, such as beauty and other functions, these short video platforms, and even some live platforms have them. In fact, it is somewhat like upgrading from photography to video recording.

Moreover, these content products are trying to maximize users' efforts from the limited "gross national time". Taking the most hot and hot sound of the current as an example, according to the relevant data, the number of monthly independent equipment for shaking is 150 million, the ring ratio increases by 43%; the monthly total effective use market is 540 million hours, and the ring ratio increases by 38%.

There is a well-known principle in economics called "extrusion effect", which means that the relatively stable situation in the market is likely to lead to the extrusion effect due to a new increase in supply and demand, which leads to some funds squeezed out of the original advance and into new goods.

This theory applies equally to the "user time". The total time of users is certain, and the number of users using jitter is increasing. Users spend more and more time on them. In addition, short video field itself is one of the hottest industries, and the user war is also on fire as it is on fire.

So how can the US map change the current situation of "being squeezed out"? Moreover, the product of the US map should be a short video product earlier than that of the fast hand and the jitter. Why can it not be popular with the "younger generation"?

In the past period of time, the word "tool is dead" is full of venture capital circle. Because in many people's inertial thinking, the use of tool products is characterized by "shouting to come and go," and "run away". Core products are defined as tool attributes, and sooner or later they will be eliminated or replaced. And liquidity is difficult because the user stickiness of tool type products is the weakest, and its user replacement cost is very low.

The time that the user has invested in the product is very short, it is determined that the advertising investment is limited, and the main function does not have the "strong relationship attribute" to retain the user, and the user's deep operation, and the retention is a good result. Tool products use a very obvious ceiling, limited space, and very substitutable, for example, weather forecasting, such as the functions of a lot of APP can be used as a side function.

Therefore, in any case, if we want to further develop the tool products, we will have to do a good job of "de tooling". So with this kind of drive, the advanced phone case on craft life almost all kinds of tool products are beginning to move towards "platform" goals.

It is often not easy to be commercialized. On the one hand, for the tool product, as the name implies, it is a tool, the purpose of the tool is very clear, which is to facilitate the user and improve the efficiency; on the other hand, the de tool process of the tool product is actually a process of content, which will inevitably reduce the efficiency and "efficiency" with the tool type product. "The principle of" goes against.

For the United States, it has always been in the "beauty" as the core of the business layout, which means that the map has been serving the same user group: the users of the United States. Later, based on hundreds of millions of users, the US and the US mobile phones were developed. Its core selling point is self beauty.

On the basis of its original tool attribute products, the United States marches into the beauty pat. In fact, it is a process from 0 to 1, breaking through the original understanding of the tool product, because for the tool products, it does not occupy the advantage at all. Therefore, the US map is not commercialized on the original tool platform, but rather "start all over again". Subsequent business and mobile phones can be seen as a process from 1 to N. These two stages are equally important.

However, in the face of the shock of short video in the field of short video, such as trembling voice and quick hand, the phenomenon of user loss appears in the US map, and the origin of this phenomenon lies in three aspects.

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design phone case with A member of the Bimbo Training Academy astronaut corps

In essence, the outbreak of short video is closely related to the level of development of mobile Internet. In the early days, the short shots such as the US shot did attract a lot of users, but it always seemed that they were not particularly hot. In fact, as a whole, the short mobile video in this period imitates the foreign Vine mode, and lacks the instantaneous ability to grasp the human psychological product function and the effective relationship chain basis.

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Galaxy S5 mini G800Y Hard Plastic Phone Capa with Shadows on the Wall

Multiple platforms and APP applications have entered the short video market, and short video has gradually become a hot Internet outlet. The main reason is that the fragmentary features of the user time are obvious, the entertainment and the topic are strong, and the short video user traffic is increased through the sharing of social networks, thus realizing the realization of the change.

According to the Maslow demand curve, users will pursue higher level needs after satisfying their needs and preferences in a certain period. The popularity of such events as the US and others is a breakthrough in people's impression of the original photo and to satisfy the original intention of the user's deep pursuit of beauty. However, in today's era of entertainment and death, photography or video should not only satisfy the functional needs of "beauty" but also have more fun. Moreover, the functions of many short video platforms are also extremely powerful.

That's why a lot of big companies do something bad at the crossroads of the transition, and some young companies can do it, mobile phone coverage in europe after all, the boat is better off. This is actually the case with the US chart. Although the beauty map is not "middle-aged", it is not a young company.

At the time of the outbreak of mobile terminal video, it did not take the lead in the first place. In the process of commercialization, there was no continuous construction of content ecology. But it is gratifying that, without damaging the user's experience, it is basically a beautiful completion of the business, which is enough to see the foresight of its management team.

At the same time, at the same time, the loss of user traffic can not be ignored, in the face of quick hands and trembling sounds, how can the United States map the Diaoyutai?

Facing the encirclement and suppression of fast hands and jitter, it is only the best choice for us to take the initiative to attack and expand the new traffic growth point.

Mito has been doing business expansion, but the premise of commercialization is content. Therefore, from the tool product to the real content platform, we should constantly enrich the content form to cater to the changing user preferences.

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design phone case with 1026 best Soap Love images

The content of tool products appears to occur at the same time as the content of the content of entrepreneurship, but in fact, it is in two different development processes. Content entrepreneurship is a set of information processing and screening and publishing mechanism, in the high dimension of the media, with intellectual properties. The content of many tools is only the most basic channel of communication.

For the US map, content is actually building up barriers to make content truly form values and barriers. Grounding gas is the key to forming a healthy profit closed loop and industrial ecological barrier. We need to have a deep insight into the needs of users.

User demand is changing rapidly, and draught is not always a draught. Even today, mobile short video is still hot, but it does not mean there is no opportunity for us. The original beauty pat can be seen as a subdivision of short video, which fully proves that the potential value of the short video is also urgent to be excavated.

In the Christian interpretation, "narrow door" means eternal life, while "wide door" means destruction. The door is wide and the road is big. There are many people in it. It's like a hot draught.

The accumulation effect of the tuyere and the chasing of the tuyere are too much. It is not the buffeting, but the quick hand. The "wide door" is really unsuitable for it.

The so-called common things are scarce. The common sense of economics tells us that scarcity is the driving force of business and industry. In fact, the theory of economics is varied, but it is all built on one question: how to improve efficiency. The essence of the problem of how to improve efficiency lies in the two words of "scarcity". Without scarcity, there is no need for efficiency. After all, good and scarce are the most attractive.

And with attractive content, commercialization is not a problem. Therefore, for the United States, how to examine the situation, excavate the development of the mobile short video, or to see the user preferences, to avoid the enemy's edge, to dig the potential value of the long tail has become the urgent matter of the moment.

This is not only a need to solve the problem of user churn, skinny dip headphones review but also an inevitable requirement for a company to become bigger.

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