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The exposed Meizu phone NFC functions in the name of the Meizu finally reply.

As the 20162015 year flagship of the Meizu, Meizu Pro6plus and Pro5 have NFC functions, but because of the lags of the Meizu in NFC development and the lack of cooperation with the software vendors, the NFC function can not be used, phone cases that charge your phone android such as the bus brushing card, and the bank POS card function can not be realized. In view of the media exposure and reports, the Meizu finally gave a reply, gave the user the inner notification of Meizu pay, cell phone cases zazzle told the user to test the NFC function, and opened the Beijing municipal card, using a mobile phone to brush the bus card.

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design phone case with 23 best Lapins cr tins images

Indeed, exposure is still very useful. Consumers' rights and interests are violated, personalised phone cases nz and they really need to take the initiative to safeguard their rights and interests. The response of the Meizu after exposure should be satisfied. In China, the mobile phone NFC delivery experience is before the comparison of millet and Samsung. Millet has full function NFC when millet 5. It supports a large number of city card, and also supports bank card payment function, and Samsung's payment function is also a technology. Operation school, glitter skin iphone 6s can support the domestic many old POS machine flash function, more convenient than the bank card, the future NFC function will be popularized, the use of mobile phones will become more and more large in the future.