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Iphone5 limit ultra thin metal shell is introduced by colabox

With the further expansion of mobile phone lightweight, iPhone and Samsung all agree that if the accessories are made heavy again, they will not add to the icing on the cake. It is no doubt a good idea to strengthen the firmness of the mobile phone with a thin metal shell, which will undoubtedly prolong the life of the mobile phone and make it free of the cheap sense of engineering plastics. Today, we will introduce a iPhone5 new front cover for colabox, phone case for iphone 6s ebay which is a new fashion Apple accessory brand in China. The iPhone4 metal frame designed by colabox has been popular in the Internet. Now it has designed a metal product specially for iPhone5.

This product is made from Korea imported aluminum, thin and rigid, through oxidation, polishing and other multi-channel manufacturing process, to restore Apple technology. To provide protection for mobile phones, photo printed mobile phone covers india add a sense of fineness and give you strong protection, lightweight and quality assurance.

In addition, its "stature" also makes other metal products uncovered, its thickness is only 0.36mm, it can experience the touch of bare machine, glitter phone cases diy and can change iPhone to new clothes.

This metal front and rear cover is designed with double-sided adhesive. Its function is to allow the front and rear cover to be firmly fitted with iPhone 5, which is the reason why the front and rear cover is not easy to drop. Colabox official data show that the adhesive tape is imported from Germany, and does not leave any residual glue. From the material selection, we can see that the colabox of businessmen is not so hard. The front and rear cover is relatively perfect with iPhone, which can prevent iPhone 5 from drawing back and around.

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It can maintain the original appearance of iPhone5 but correct its defects. It can be said that it is a rare accessory for iPhone5 users. Recommend the fruit powder that likes bare machine touch and pursue high quality product. You can try colabox's "sharp wing" series of metal front and rear cover.

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